Week one masks

Front left to right top rating is out of 4 ⭐️’s

Lovemore Mountain Tea / anti-oxidant mask ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Composed with high quality deep ocean water as a base, add in selected top grade plant extracts and tea ployphenols.

This mask is extremely moisturizing. What I liked most about it was the perfect fit. The material is 100 % silk and it fit my face perfectly and stayed put. It is thin enough so it doesn’t slide down your face. It has a nice light clean scent. I kept this on for 30 minutes and my face felt amazing.  Moisturized and dewy clean. Did not leave any sticky residue.  My skin felt so refreshed. Perfect for a morning mask as it is not heavy. Makeup goes on perfectly afterward.

XILIX Tiger animal / wrinkle mask ⭐️

This mask is an intensive moisture skin care mask which claims to keep dry skin more elastic. It contains adenosine, hyaluronic acid and gold extract.

I think this mask was more gimmicky than anything.  It was made of cotton and was kind of on the thicker side. It was cute to have a tiger sheet mask but the novelty wore off quickly when the fit wasn’t the most ideal.  It has a nice clean scent. Almost fruity.  I kept this on for 20 minutes as it appeared to dry quite quickly.  There wasn’t mush essence to pat in and left a weird tight feeling that I felt needed to be washed off. The  effects weren’t really noticeable and just not worth it.   ⭐️

Medi-heal Vita Lightbeam essential mask ⭐️⭐️⭐️

This mask uses highly concentrated vitamin C and niacinamide.  It claims to make your skin brighter while making age spots and freckles appear lighter.

This is a silk cellulose mask and I loved it immediately. It really adheres to the face and stays put. There is a nice citrus scent and the mask itself is dripping with essence.  More than enough liquid to have it on your face for 45 minutes.  My face looks amazing after I took this off.  I have to say quite honestly, that it did brighten, it did feel tighter, not in the drying way, but younger tighter.  I dint have to wear. Makeup after this at all.  My skin felt that good.

Goodal Night Flower Nutrition mask ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

This nourishing mask provides radiance to dry and flaky skin with night flowers.  Key ingredients include niacinamide, squareness and various seed oils.

This mask has a nice cotton feel.  The mask feels very moisturizing even before I put it on my face. It fit really nice and the scent was so light but so amazing. I could have worn this all night.  45 minutes. It has a creamy essence and would make a nice lotion.  In fact there was quite a bit of liquid and I used it as a finishing lotion was implied it off. I pat the essence into my face and I felt so baby soft. My face felt plumper and so dewy. I loved this mask. It’s going to be great when the winter snow starts flying.

Neogence Multi Peptide Age Renewal mask ⭐️⭐️

Effective in skin lifting, smoothing out wrinkles, skin looks younger.

This mask is thin silk white loaded with essence. It has a stronger scent but is not overly powerful.  It is a pleasant scent. I enjoyed this.  I don’t think it made me appear younger. It did leave a thin layer of liquid in my face that dried a little on the sticky side.  Especially around my hairline that I had to wash off. They are quite inexpensive and worth it for a quick pick me up mask.

CREME shop Neroli Oil infused face mask ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Promotes radiant skin, improves ciculation, reduces the look of scars and evens out skin tone.  Orange flower oil, aloe Vera, hyaluronic acids. Neroli oil has disinfectant properties , while promoting healthy radiant skin.

I really enjoyed this cotton mask.  It didn’t  dry out fast and had it on for 30 minutes.  The neroli oil was so beautifully scented, like orange blossoms. My face felt hydrated and reconditioned. It did not have any brightening effects but the oil base was fantastic.  I could go without moisturizing after using this.


Glow Recipe treats

Last month I entered a contest on YouTube hosted by both, Glow Recipe and Gothamista. First things first.  I would honestly have to say the Renee from the Gothamista was the very first YouTuber that I watched obsessively when I started my quest for the perfect skincare.  Korean skincare to be precise.  Renee gave informative and frankly, she was just an interesting soul to watch.  Everything that I wanted to know, she had a video for.  If your in the market to try new products, I highly suggest watching her videos. Then as I adventured around YouTube, I found Glow Recipe, founded by Sara and Christine.  Both girls are sweet as sugar and find the most interesting skincare items available.

Well, I won. How happy was this camper.  I have an ongoing list of things that I need to try when I watch their videos and here was 4 things that I had been pining for. I’ve used these products for a little over 2 weeks and I think I can come to a conclusion as to whether or not I loved these products.


Earth’s Recipe Energy Boosting Toner

The toner is quite viscous, clear and has a light scent, I’m talking the lightest of scents.  Citrus, if you can pick it out.  You will only need a few drops of this, as a little goes a long long way. Pat it into your skin, try not to rub, that way you can get the essence right into your skin when you press. I loved this first thing in the morning, it awaken my skin and it immediately felt plumper and juicier.  Was in no way drying, as many toners contain alcohol, this one does not.  It felt very refreshing.

  • Formulated with brightening Tremella Fuciformis & White Jelly Natural Herbs, high in collagen and active ingredients & loved by Korean celebrities for its ability to prevent skin contraction, helps to maintain a firm complexion and youthful appearance.
  • This essence-like toner wakes up dull skin, delivering a refreshing blast of moisture while enhancing the absorption ability of the skin, allowing the anti-wrwp-image-1114766176jpg.jpginkle abilities of this toner to intensively & effectively reach the deepest layers of your skin.
  • Bean ferment extract and Yam complex sooth tired skin giving healthy care. Moisture from inner skin giving higher make up fit application.
  • no parabens, benzophenone, mineral oil, triethanolamine, sulfate-based surfactants, Petrolatum , imidazolidinyl urea, talc, artificial color, artificial flavors


Artichoke Power Essence

This is a creamy essence with a very light fragrance, almost earthy.  It pats into the skin quite nicely and absorbed like a dream.  I can’t wait to use this all winter as it is quite full of antioxidants.


  • Shrink pores back into shape with the Yuripibu Artichoke Power Essence, formulated with 60% artichoke extract.
  • This essence treatment helps to hydrate, nourish and smooth skin and helps to tighten the appearance of pores.
  • Essences are the modern, lightweight version of serums: this formula is great to layer after cleansing and toning and before your moisturizer.
  • Free of Parabens, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrance, Mineral Oils.


Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum

This serum is something that I have never felt before.  The texture is quite bouncy, in fact you have to dig in to get some product.  It is quite spongy, like the mushroom it is made from. wp-image-1945944097jpg.jpg

A little history about the mushroom in this moisturizer.  We have these mushrooms growing all over the northern hemisphere, actually I’ve seen these growing everywhere where I live
and had no idea really what these were.  They are a very woody mushroom, it actually looks like a piece of the bark has busted out of the tree and starts growing, but it holds a secret.  This mushroom is a rich antioxidant, it supports the immune system, it helps to regenerate cells. It is a superfood.  People drink it in teas, grind it up and take as a supplement.  Why not use it in a skin cream, pure genius. I love the way this really does melt into the skin, you only need a small amount and the moisturizing effects will last all day.  Fantastic for dry skin. This easy-to-use serum and moisturizer in one treats, nourishes and brightens skin without heaviness. And with this winter weather that is now showing up, will be a staple in my routine.

  • A serum and moisturizer combined in a ‘pressed serum’ format that is packed with 60% Chaga Mushroom extract.
  •  Chaga Mushroom extract, cooled instead of heat-processed to preserve the original nutrition, is 6-amazing-health-benefits-of-chaga-mushroomscombined with a blend of fermented oils including olive and argan oils.
  •  Free of Parabens, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances, Mineral Oils.

CuCu Maronza Eye Cream

This super luxurious eye cream contains truffles, you know the ones that people love to eat. Another mushroom product that I absolutely love using.  It is a very light eye cream, not heavy at all. Has a very light fragrance, almost citrusy.  Doesn’t cause any irritation to my eyes.  This is a powerfulwp-image-831088748jpg.jpg antioxidant that helps to neutralize the free radical damage caused by pollution and other stress factors.  The skin is very delicate around the eyes and seems to be the first place where a fine line might appear.  This cream will combat that and noticeably reduce puffiness and under eye circles.  A little goes a very long way, so apply sparingly to those points that need the most attention, crows feet, smile lines.

  • Contains rich antioxidants like amino acids, retinol and vitamins to nourish the eye area.
  • Free of Parabens, Synthetic Dyes & Fragrances, Mineral Oils.

I love these products, they work very well for my dry skin.  They seemed to all flow together and made my skin feel years younger, plumper moisturized and glowing.  I love the ingredients in these items, very organic and pure.  I love that companies are working to put only the best of ingredients in the skin care lines.  It shows that they care as much as I do when it comes to what I chose to put on my skin.  The purer the better.  

J. One jelly pack / Hana cream review


I have been lusting after this product since I saw #gothamista reviewing it on her youtube channel almost a year ago.  I couldn’t find it anywhere in my country (Canada) as the shipping and exchange were astronomical.  But searching the web, I came across a company out of Vancouver called Bisou that specialized with Korean beauty products and yes, they had this to my delight.  I ordered it online and it came to my door 3 days later.  Hello beautiful! I could not wait to try it.  The packaging is quite simple and lovely.  I love simplicity, black and white, easy to tell what it is and what it does.  On my first application, the J. One jelly pack was quite thick and clear.  It kept its structure on my fingers until I applied it to my skin.  Its very sticky and doesn’t really have much slip to it.  Might be hard to apply for some and with my skin, as it is quite dry, it stayed put almost immediately so I had to get in there and move it around my skin as fast as possible.  I would say that it remained quite sticky for about 10 minutes, then dried down to a nice finish.  I liked the way it made my skin feel and it did appear to be more tightened and the pores minimized.  I think it will make a really good primer under makeup and wearing it alone will also be quite nice.

I let the jelly pack rest on my skin for roughly 15 minutes and broke open the J. One Hana Cream.  There about 40 little capsules in the container and are about the size of a pea.  The product is quite moist and are very easy to break open.  A slight pressure and it turns into a nice moisturizer.  I placed the product on both sides of my cheeks and blended it inwp-image-135556576jpg.jpgto my skin.  I would have to say that I would use 2 of these on very dry days.  I’ll keep you informed on how long it lasted.  I like the feel of it on my skin, I would say that it felt very soft and supple.  Tiny lines were diminished and my skin appeared very fresh and almost brightened.  I cannot wait to see what the outcome will be after one month.  I think it will pair nicely with the Retin A 0.05 that I am currently using.

My first thoughts on these products are quite good.  The Jelly pack is a little on the sticky side but I can live with that as it appears to have only lasted a short time.  It melted into my skin.  The Hana Cream is nice, the scent is very light, easy to apply dosage and leaves my skin feeling baby soft.  As a woman who is always on the lookout for the best anti aging products, I can’t wait to see if there are any permanent features to using this product.



Did you say desert? As in dry?

This is day 6 of my Retin A fiasco. The fun is just starting. Fun, would not be the word that I would describe this as.  IMG_5905

Friday, I got home from my Doctors appointment, picked up my prescription and excitedly read the directions.  Using a pea size amount apply topically to skin.  That was all.  Easy enough, right?  I punctured the tin foil top of the tube and it blew out at me, like someone had been squeezing it for days.  Ah well.  Its just a little bit more than I would like, its not like I can push it back into the tube, whats a little extra.  I slathered it all on top of my freshly cleaned face.  I had been doing some research and what I had learned is that I was not supposed to apply this on damp skin.  That I knew, right? So I started with my cheeks, on my chin, nose and forehead.  My skin was opalescent
white.  Pretty sure that is not what I was supposed to do.  But, it is what it is.  After about 15 minutes, my face felt like every drop of moisture had been sucked out of it.  It was tight, annoyingly taught.  It was pretty uncomfortable but was worth the displeasure if it was to make my skin look 10 years younger.

Then began my research.  I watched every youtube video, read every dictionary article and doctor’s recommendations.  What I learned was this and more.

  1. Do not under any circumstance put this product on top of wet or damp skin.  The effects will increase 10 fold and you want to start using this product slowly, gradually introducing it to your skin.  Like a welcoming handshake.
  2. Only, and I mean only, use a smaller then a pea sized amount.  This stuff works amazingly better, with the tiniest amount.
  3. Start applying it on the outside of your face, working in.  That way, the Retin A will decrease in strength and will be more gentle on your delicate skin.
  4.  Stay away from the areas around your nose and mouth.  Just for the time being, again, getting your skin used to the product slowly is better.
  5. Start with a lower level of strength.  Don’t go to the maximum strength immediately.  Your skin will not like this, AT ALL.  I started, thankfully with the 0.05.
  6. You can put a mild moisturizer on your face but wait, for at least 30 minutes.  Make sure it doesn’t have any acidic bases, like AHA’s of BHA’s.  Keep it mild, you do not want to add anything dehydrating or exfoliating on top of your Retin A.
  7. Don’t do this everyday, I cannot emphasize with more.  Slowly introduce this product, you’ll thank me later.
  8.  It can possibly take up to a year to see results. Really?

I am sure there are more tips that I can share with you, but this is my learning process as well.  And I really had my education within the first 3 days.  My skin felt horrible, dried out, tight, more lines than ever before.  I phoned my girlfriend who had been using it for years and she reassured me “look, it gets better, my skin feels great”. I backed off, didn’t want it anywhere my skin for the next 2 days. I slathered moisturizer, oils and creams on my face, trying to get it back in shape.  Next time I used it, I did put the pea sized amount on my face.  Getting to near the folds of my nose, it burned almost immediately and turned red.  Note to self, don’t put near nose.  And went all across my face with what was left.  Day 5.  Peel city. I woke up, splashed water on my face, applied a moisturizing toner, a serum and a lot of sunscreen.  Working outside is wonderful but it has some downsides.  I apply this like cake icing.  SPF 50 all the way.  Worked all day. Was driving home and happened to look in the rear view mirror and I looked like someone had thrown that icing on my face and let it dry in the sun for days.  There was skin flaking everywhere.  And I talked to people like this? Are you kidding me, why did no one tell me?! Came home immediately and washed my face with a gentle cleanser and exfoliated the hell out of it. I felt instantly refreshed.

And now I write, while sitting in my sunroom thinking, what did I get myself into.  My wedding is in less than 2 months.  I look like a desert lizard in yoga pants.  Is this worth it. Should I quit now?  Stay tuned, looks like we’re in it for the long haul.

Sephora Sunshine

Just a little review on what I picked up at Sephora this month. I have been using all of these items daily. And as far as I am concerned, they are all long lasting. I work outside and with a little setting spray, usually leaves me looking sunkissed all day but without actually letting the sun rays do any damage. 

I wear a sunscreen every day. Usually an Spf of 50 + and a baseball hat. On a hot day, I hate wearing the hat as my head sweats so much. I have long hair and I tie it away from my face in a bun. It’s all worth the sweaty, itchy feeling I get when I’m sheilded from the damaging rays. 

The Sephora perfection mist airbrush blush in ‘such a peach’ is a really nice shade. This is my second time I’ve purchased this. I would say that spraying it directly on my face was not the best way to apply. Even though this is what the spray is meant for, the mist is just too saturated and there really is no way to tell exactly where it is going to go on your face. Plus it dried really fast and if you don’t blend it, it looks ridiculous. Just a big circle of color.  I spray it on a brush and before it dries, I apply it to the apple of my cheeks or anywhere else I need a hint of color. Works just fine that way and the color lasts all day.

The Sephora I ♥ cushion bronzer in light/medium is the perfect color for me.  Its a great bronzer, just the right amount of pigment to give me a nice natural glow. It’s not orange or too red. I use it to sculpt my cheekbones and my jawline as well. I love this stuff as I am not too keen in powders anymore. 

The Sephora Radiant Luminizing drops in Morning Light is absolutely gorgeous. It is a nice liquid, not too thick that comes out of a dropper. So you just use the amount you need. It had a gold undertone and there is no big flakes of glitter. Just a fine hue of, literally liquid sunshine. I highlight my cheeks and bridge of my nose with it. It stays put and gives me a beautiful glow that doesn’t normally last when it is in a powder form.

 I highly recommend these three products if you would like an all day sunshine glow without sitting in the sun. Please remember to wear sunscreen. Everyday. It’s a must. Please use it. 

Retin-A 0.05

Well, after some consideration and watching all of the hype on the internet, television and books, I have decided it was time to try something new.  I’m not talking about some Korean snail cream (done that) or Bee Venom serum (done that too). Its not like my skin is that bad that I didn’t like what I was seeing with all of the lotions and potions, but I wasn’t getting rid of the sunspots and fine lines.  I was super moisturized wp-image-1434779766jpg.jpgand dewy looking, that is for sure but what I wanted was to actually look younger, sleeker.  I went to my doctor yesterday and inquired about retinoids.  I had never requested this and being that he is one thorough doc, he pulled out this enormous Harry Potter style medical book and we went through it together.  He listed off what it was used for, the ingredients that made everything work, the downfalls, the advantages and the hazards.  He decided that we should start slow and work our way up to the top.  I agreed whole heartedly as I have had some disastrous results from going all in, immediately with other products.  I am going to do my research as I venture into this process of Vitamin A topical creams.

I took these pictures this morning as the best results are always captured in pictures.  I won’t be able to really tell and I am the kind of person that if I don’t see something, anything in a short while.  I might just tuck it into the vast cupboard of dinosaur products.

I pocked the tube with the cap and it pretty much exploded out of the tube.  It was a pearlescent white cream product and appeared to dry really quickly.  My doctor had wp-image-1920510516jpg.jpgsuggested using a pea size amount but what I had in my hand, without my own doing, was about a nickle size.  Waste not , want not.  I began the process on putting it on my problem zones.  Attack those freckles and lines around my eyes, saturate those smile lines and wait. I knew I had put too much on but it didn’t appear to be doing anything  hazardous. So this is good right?  wp-image-1387005536jpg.jpgMy face was a little on the tight side as I usually, at this point of the evening, at least do 4 of the steps of my Korean skincare routine.   But I had only done 2.  Washed my face, patted it dry, bone dry and applied the magic potion.  I think I will do alot of research on what I can and cannot do with this product. I am completely venturing into the unknown and would like to absolutely know what I can expect and be delwp-image-1757631848jpg.jpgusional about.  I know that this product does not work immediately, that it will take up to one year to see the results, that I will have to start slow and work my way up into looking 10 years younger.  I don’y know why I am starting this product now, well, I actually do.  My 50th birthday is right around the January corner and I don’t want to get there yet.

Stay tuned as I will update weekly as I am very interested in actually being able to piece together where it worked the best and what took the longest to achieve.  Let’s go Retinol.





NTROGENA CC Cream with an SPF of 30. The consistency is very thick. It does have some bounce to it and is non sticky. This tinted lightweight non greasy moisturizer cwp-1466299278856.jpgontains a soy extract. It claims to brighten the skin with natural light diffusers. There is zero illuminating qualities with the sunscreen. I would have to say that it is more of a foundation with medium coverage. It does minimize the look of my freckles but did not make them disappear. Which is nice. I do happen to like my freckles. I do not however like it when the sun makes them spread out into one dark spot reminiscent of an over the top age spot. Freckles good. Age spots bad. I do like the sunscreen. It is a bit too heavy for me. It tends to get a little cakey when it’s been on my face for long lengths of time and reapplying is next to impossible. It would just layer and split apart. I’ll use what is left but I don’t think I will repurchase. It’s on the too thick side and there isn’t quite enough SPF for my liking. I prefer a nice SPF of 50+++


Artless glow base by Heimish

At first I never wanted to review this as it was only given to me as a sample from Jolse.com. This is an online store that I buy most of my products from.  I ripped this open today just to give it a try.  WOW, this is gorgeous.  My Becca Backlight Priming Filter was drained dry and this really reminded me of it.  Except the base was more pink and less gold.  I have yellow undertones and was leary at first.  It goes on like a moisturizer and was very skeptial, I didn’t want to be overly pink and I was worried that it wouldwp-1465925667120.jpg turn into a white cast nightmare.  I waited, I waited some more…and it was beautiful.  I had such ans awesome natural glow.  And yes, dewy.  I hate that word.  But I was dewy.  This lotion is magical.  My face felt moisturized, primed, highlighted, not overly glossy and was fully safe guarded from that hot hot sun.  With SPF 50+ PA+++ I was actually amazed that the company could manage to throw everything I wanted into one skin lotion.

This is a pearl colored delicate  formula that will elevate the tone of your skin leaving it looking gorgeous and even. It is light as a serum with a dewy texture and strong UV ray protection against UVA and UVB.  Origanum Majornal leaf and peppermint extract has been included in this elixir to ensure healthy skin.


Everytime I try a new sunscreen, I say that it has become my new favorite.  But with this one, with everything all packed into one lotion. Is my new number one.  It is already in my order list and can’t wait to get it.  This will be great for a one step, running out the door, still looking great, kind of item.




The Face Shop Natural Sun

The Face Shop SPF 50+ PA ++

eco natural Photogenic sun blur


This sunscreen was on the thin side and was more like a face primer. It did have some pore minimizing effects and went on like a really good lotion.  Pore andDSC_0326 spot coverage + Skin texture care + Toning effect + UV protection. The line-blurring effect made my skin absolutely flawless. It did help blur freckles and age spots but it did not make them disappear completely as this was not a foundation or concealer.  It was a white, a bit on the thick side lotion. It did not leave a white cast at all and my skin felt really hydrated. I wore this for at least 6 hours
and I felt protected from the sun. I did not need a touch up as I did not sweat during the day.

I am constantly outside and the weather is pretty harsh on my skin sometimes. I walk in the elements delivering mail, door to door, Monday to Friday, so I can really put these sunscreens I am testing to a good workout.

DSC_0322 (3)

I enjoyed this one as well.  So far so good. It’s going to be tough picking a Favorite when I’m done.

L’Oreal Silky Sheer BB

L’Oreal Silky Sheer Face Lotion.  50 SPF

Sublime Sun


I have used this sunscreen for years now.  It is ultra light and very sheer.  There is only one shade and I would have to say that it would be for use for everyone except ultra pale girls.  It is a little on the oily side but doesn’t feel oily on the skin.  Its strange I know, but it glides on easily.  No need for a blending blush at all.  Just apply with your fingers across your entire face, of course leaving out the eye area.  It leaves a nice finish on my skin.  I am on the dehydrated spectrum and any bit of moisture is well accepted.


I really love this sunscreen.  It protects my skin as by judging for the years that I have used it, I keep on buying it.  It also gives me a nice glow without being to shiny.  It leaves absolutely no white cast whatsoever.

It protects skin with a patented UVA/UVB filter complex and evens skintone for a healthy tinted complexion. This multi-acting formula is infused with powerful antioxidants vitamin E and white grape seed to help keep skin healthy and youthful-looking. Just shake to activate this virtually weightless lotion.

  • Oil-Free, Non-greasy, Water Resistant 

DSC_0323 (2)