J. One jelly pack / Hana cream review


I have been lusting after this product since I saw #gothamista reviewing it on her youtube channel almost a year ago.  I couldn’t find it anywhere in my country (Canada) as the shipping and exchange were astronomical.  But searching the web, I came across a company out of Vancouver called Bisou that specialized with Korean beauty products and yes, they had this to my delight.  I ordered it online and it came to my door 3 days later.  Hello beautiful! I could not wait to try it.  The packaging is quite simple and lovely.  I love simplicity, black and white, easy to tell what it is and what it does.  On my first application, the J. One jelly pack was quite thick and clear.  It kept its structure on my fingers until I applied it to my skin.  Its very sticky and doesn’t really have much slip to it.  Might be hard to apply for some and with my skin, as it is quite dry, it stayed put almost immediately so I had to get in there and move it around my skin as fast as possible.  I would say that it remained quite sticky for about 10 minutes, then dried down to a nice finish.  I liked the way it made my skin feel and it did appear to be more tightened and the pores minimized.  I think it will make a really good primer under makeup and wearing it alone will also be quite nice.

I let the jelly pack rest on my skin for roughly 15 minutes and broke open the J. One Hana Cream.  There about 40 little capsules in the container and are about the size of a pea.  The product is quite moist and are very easy to break open.  A slight pressure and it turns into a nice moisturizer.  I placed the product on both sides of my cheeks and blended it inwp-image-135556576jpg.jpgto my skin.  I would have to say that I would use 2 of these on very dry days.  I’ll keep you informed on how long it lasted.  I like the feel of it on my skin, I would say that it felt very soft and supple.  Tiny lines were diminished and my skin appeared very fresh and almost brightened.  I cannot wait to see what the outcome will be after one month.  I think it will pair nicely with the Retin A 0.05 that I am currently using.

My first thoughts on these products are quite good.  The Jelly pack is a little on the sticky side but I can live with that as it appears to have only lasted a short time.  It melted into my skin.  The Hana Cream is nice, the scent is very light, easy to apply dosage and leaves my skin feeling baby soft.  As a woman who is always on the lookout for the best anti aging products, I can’t wait to see if there are any permanent features to using this product.