Sephora Sunshine

Just a little review on what I picked up at Sephora this month. I have been using all of these items daily. And as far as I am concerned, they are all long lasting. I work outside and with a little setting spray, usually leaves me looking sunkissed all day but without actually letting the sun rays do any damage. 

I wear a sunscreen every day. Usually an Spf of 50 + and a baseball hat. On a hot day, I hate wearing the hat as my head sweats so much. I have long hair and I tie it away from my face in a bun. It’s all worth the sweaty, itchy feeling I get when I’m sheilded from the damaging rays. 

The Sephora perfection mist airbrush blush in ‘such a peach’ is a really nice shade. This is my second time I’ve purchased this. I would say that spraying it directly on my face was not the best way to apply. Even though this is what the spray is meant for, the mist is just too saturated and there really is no way to tell exactly where it is going to go on your face. Plus it dried really fast and if you don’t blend it, it looks ridiculous. Just a big circle of color.  I spray it on a brush and before it dries, I apply it to the apple of my cheeks or anywhere else I need a hint of color. Works just fine that way and the color lasts all day.

The Sephora I ♥ cushion bronzer in light/medium is the perfect color for me.  Its a great bronzer, just the right amount of pigment to give me a nice natural glow. It’s not orange or too red. I use it to sculpt my cheekbones and my jawline as well. I love this stuff as I am not too keen in powders anymore. 

The Sephora Radiant Luminizing drops in Morning Light is absolutely gorgeous. It is a nice liquid, not too thick that comes out of a dropper. So you just use the amount you need. It had a gold undertone and there is no big flakes of glitter. Just a fine hue of, literally liquid sunshine. I highlight my cheeks and bridge of my nose with it. It stays put and gives me a beautiful glow that doesn’t normally last when it is in a powder form.

 I highly recommend these three products if you would like an all day sunshine glow without sitting in the sun. Please remember to wear sunscreen. Everyday. It’s a must. Please use it. 


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