Retin-A 0.05

Well, after some consideration and watching all of the hype on the internet, television and books, I have decided it was time to try something new.  I’m not talking about some Korean snail cream (done that) or Bee Venom serum (done that too). Its not like my skin is that bad that I didn’t like what I was seeing with all of the lotions and potions, but I wasn’t getting rid of the sunspots and fine lines.  I was super moisturized wp-image-1434779766jpg.jpgand dewy looking, that is for sure but what I wanted was to actually look younger, sleeker.  I went to my doctor yesterday and inquired about retinoids.  I had never requested this and being that he is one thorough doc, he pulled out this enormous Harry Potter style medical book and we went through it together.  He listed off what it was used for, the ingredients that made everything work, the downfalls, the advantages and the hazards.  He decided that we should start slow and work our way up to the top.  I agreed whole heartedly as I have had some disastrous results from going all in, immediately with other products.  I am going to do my research as I venture into this process of Vitamin A topical creams.

I took these pictures this morning as the best results are always captured in pictures.  I won’t be able to really tell and I am the kind of person that if I don’t see something, anything in a short while.  I might just tuck it into the vast cupboard of dinosaur products.

I pocked the tube with the cap and it pretty much exploded out of the tube.  It was a pearlescent white cream product and appeared to dry really quickly.  My doctor had wp-image-1920510516jpg.jpgsuggested using a pea size amount but what I had in my hand, without my own doing, was about a nickle size.  Waste not , want not.  I began the process on putting it on my problem zones.  Attack those freckles and lines around my eyes, saturate those smile lines and wait. I knew I had put too much on but it didn’t appear to be doing anything  hazardous. So this is good right?  wp-image-1387005536jpg.jpgMy face was a little on the tight side as I usually, at this point of the evening, at least do 4 of the steps of my Korean skincare routine.   But I had only done 2.  Washed my face, patted it dry, bone dry and applied the magic potion.  I think I will do alot of research on what I can and cannot do with this product. I am completely venturing into the unknown and would like to absolutely know what I can expect and be delwp-image-1757631848jpg.jpgusional about.  I know that this product does not work immediately, that it will take up to one year to see the results, that I will have to start slow and work my way up into looking 10 years younger.  I don’y know why I am starting this product now, well, I actually do.  My 50th birthday is right around the January corner and I don’t want to get there yet.

Stay tuned as I will update weekly as I am very interested in actually being able to piece together where it worked the best and what took the longest to achieve.  Let’s go Retinol.




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