Artless glow base by Heimish

At first I never wanted to review this as it was only given to me as a sample from This is an online store that I buy most of my products from.  I ripped this open today just to give it a try.  WOW, this is gorgeous.  My Becca Backlight Priming Filter was drained dry and this really reminded me of it.  Except the base was more pink and less gold.  I have yellow undertones and was leary at first.  It goes on like a moisturizer and was very skeptial, I didn’t want to be overly pink and I was worried that it wouldwp-1465925667120.jpg turn into a white cast nightmare.  I waited, I waited some more…and it was beautiful.  I had such ans awesome natural glow.  And yes, dewy.  I hate that word.  But I was dewy.  This lotion is magical.  My face felt moisturized, primed, highlighted, not overly glossy and was fully safe guarded from that hot hot sun.  With SPF 50+ PA+++ I was actually amazed that the company could manage to throw everything I wanted into one skin lotion.

This is a pearl colored delicate  formula that will elevate the tone of your skin leaving it looking gorgeous and even. It is light as a serum with a dewy texture and strong UV ray protection against UVA and UVB.  Origanum Majornal leaf and peppermint extract has been included in this elixir to ensure healthy skin.


Everytime I try a new sunscreen, I say that it has become my new favorite.  But with this one, with everything all packed into one lotion. Is my new number one.  It is already in my order list and can’t wait to get it.  This will be great for a one step, running out the door, still looking great, kind of item.





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