The Face Shop Natural Sun

The Face Shop SPF 50+ PA ++

eco natural Photogenic sun blur


This sunscreen was on the thin side and was more like a face primer. It did have some pore minimizing effects and went on like a really good lotion.  Pore andDSC_0326 spot coverage + Skin texture care + Toning effect + UV protection. The line-blurring effect made my skin absolutely flawless. It did help blur freckles and age spots but it did not make them disappear completely as this was not a foundation or concealer.  It was a white, a bit on the thick side lotion. It did not leave a white cast at all and my skin felt really hydrated. I wore this for at least 6 hours
and I felt protected from the sun. I did not need a touch up as I did not sweat during the day.

I am constantly outside and the weather is pretty harsh on my skin sometimes. I walk in the elements delivering mail, door to door, Monday to Friday, so I can really put these sunscreens I am testing to a good workout.

DSC_0322 (3)

I enjoyed this one as well.  So far so good. It’s going to be tough picking a Favorite when I’m done.


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