NTROGENA CC Cream with an SPF of 30. The consistency is very thick. It does have some bounce to it and is non sticky. This tinted lightweight non greasy moisturizer cwp-1466299278856.jpgontains a soy extract. It claims to brighten the skin with natural light diffusers. There is zero illuminating qualities with the sunscreen. I would have to say that it is more of a foundation with medium coverage. It does minimize the look of my freckles but did not make them disappear. Which is nice. I do happen to like my freckles. I do not however like it when the sun makes them spread out into one dark spot reminiscent of an over the top age spot. Freckles good. Age spots bad. I do like the sunscreen. It is a bit too heavy for me. It tends to get a little cakey when it’s been on my face for long lengths of time and reapplying is next to impossible. It would just layer and split apart. I’ll use what is left but I don’t think I will repurchase. It’s on the too thick side and there isn’t quite enough SPF for my liking. I prefer a nice SPF of 50+++



Artless glow base by Heimish

At first I never wanted to review this as it was only given to me as a sample from This is an online store that I buy most of my products from.  I ripped this open today just to give it a try.  WOW, this is gorgeous.  My Becca Backlight Priming Filter was drained dry and this really reminded me of it.  Except the base was more pink and less gold.  I have yellow undertones and was leary at first.  It goes on like a moisturizer and was very skeptial, I didn’t want to be overly pink and I was worried that it wouldwp-1465925667120.jpg turn into a white cast nightmare.  I waited, I waited some more…and it was beautiful.  I had such ans awesome natural glow.  And yes, dewy.  I hate that word.  But I was dewy.  This lotion is magical.  My face felt moisturized, primed, highlighted, not overly glossy and was fully safe guarded from that hot hot sun.  With SPF 50+ PA+++ I was actually amazed that the company could manage to throw everything I wanted into one skin lotion.

This is a pearl colored delicate  formula that will elevate the tone of your skin leaving it looking gorgeous and even. It is light as a serum with a dewy texture and strong UV ray protection against UVA and UVB.  Origanum Majornal leaf and peppermint extract has been included in this elixir to ensure healthy skin.


Everytime I try a new sunscreen, I say that it has become my new favorite.  But with this one, with everything all packed into one lotion. Is my new number one.  It is already in my order list and can’t wait to get it.  This will be great for a one step, running out the door, still looking great, kind of item.




The Face Shop Natural Sun

The Face Shop SPF 50+ PA ++

eco natural Photogenic sun blur


This sunscreen was on the thin side and was more like a face primer. It did have some pore minimizing effects and went on like a really good lotion.  Pore andDSC_0326 spot coverage + Skin texture care + Toning effect + UV protection. The line-blurring effect made my skin absolutely flawless. It did help blur freckles and age spots but it did not make them disappear completely as this was not a foundation or concealer.  It was a white, a bit on the thick side lotion. It did not leave a white cast at all and my skin felt really hydrated. I wore this for at least 6 hours
and I felt protected from the sun. I did not need a touch up as I did not sweat during the day.

I am constantly outside and the weather is pretty harsh on my skin sometimes. I walk in the elements delivering mail, door to door, Monday to Friday, so I can really put these sunscreens I am testing to a good workout.

DSC_0322 (3)

I enjoyed this one as well.  So far so good. It’s going to be tough picking a Favorite when I’m done.

L’Oreal Silky Sheer BB

L’Oreal Silky Sheer Face Lotion.  50 SPF

Sublime Sun


I have used this sunscreen for years now.  It is ultra light and very sheer.  There is only one shade and I would have to say that it would be for use for everyone except ultra pale girls.  It is a little on the oily side but doesn’t feel oily on the skin.  Its strange I know, but it glides on easily.  No need for a blending blush at all.  Just apply with your fingers across your entire face, of course leaving out the eye area.  It leaves a nice finish on my skin.  I am on the dehydrated spectrum and any bit of moisture is well accepted.


I really love this sunscreen.  It protects my skin as by judging for the years that I have used it, I keep on buying it.  It also gives me a nice glow without being to shiny.  It leaves absolutely no white cast whatsoever.

It protects skin with a patented UVA/UVB filter complex and evens skintone for a healthy tinted complexion. This multi-acting formula is infused with powerful antioxidants vitamin E and white grape seed to help keep skin healthy and youthful-looking. Just shake to activate this virtually weightless lotion.

  • Oil-Free, Non-greasy, Water Resistant 

DSC_0323 (2)

SKINFOOD Miracle Food 10

day 1

Miracle Food 10 Solution

Sun Essence SPF 50+ PA +++

Skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, sun protection effects

DSC_0327 (2)


This sunscreen comes from Korea.The bottle was interesting enough, it was a cylinder, plastic, ombré colored container.  There is really no scent to this sunscreen.  It comes out a little thick, like a lotion/cream.  I used it like a primer and put it all over my face and neck. It went on smooth, non greasy.  It actually made my skin feel really nice, moisturized.  Today I didn’t put a foundation on top of it and just used it alone. In loved the way my face felt.  It felt dewy ( I hate that word, along with buttery ) my skin felt like it didn’t have that normal sunscreen feeling.  Heavy, tacky, ghost face.  It didn’t have any of these things associated with heavy SPF sunscreen. No white cast at all.  I love this stuff. Not bad for being the very first of 12 sunscreens that I am going to try out.

The ingredient list was pretty great.  TM Phyto Miracle which means that SKINFOOD ultrasonically extracts a combination of 10 Miracle foods:

Lingzhi mushrooms,black raspberries, black tea, maqui berries, wormwood, spinach, white ginseng, quinoa and carrots

Pretty impressive.










12 days of sunscreen

12 days of sunscreen. That’s right! There is exactly 12 days to the summer solstice. And believe me, by that time I should have picked out my favourite sunscreens. I have a bunch of them to review.  I’m pretty picky about sunscreen. Nothing under 30 SPF, no white cast, not really greasy looking. I’m going to review 12 of them that I recently purchased. Some are a BB cream, some sunscreen in foundations.  Some are just plain old heavy duty sunscreens. All of them are supposed to keep me safe from the sun, and all of its harmful effects. Sunburn, freckles, age spots and skin cancer.

Growing up, I never worried about sun damage. I slathered baby oil from head to foot and would crawl up on the roof of the garage with my vest friend Christi. We would sit up there ‘cooking’ for hours. We’d be nicely burnt with a side of bronze and we loved it. I remember the smell of my skin after sitting up there all day. Like coconuts and cooked turkey skin on Thanksgiving. Those were the days. Now, I look in the mirror and see all of those hot afternoons. Age spots there,  severe sun damaged freckles there. Lines from the sunburn I got in Fairmont when I was 12. My skin burned every time I went into the pool. My grandmother slathering my parched woody face with Noxema. The smell was horrible and it tasted even worse.

Now these days are kept out of the sun. Under a hat or in the shade. Sprayed and lotioned with so much SPF that I glow. Let’s go check some new and old ones out together.