My night time Korean 10 step skincare routine

I have been using the 10 step Korean skincare routine for about 6 months.  When I first saw the routine, I thought, that just seems way too difficult and time consuming.  But I slowly incorporated the techniques, lotions and potions.  I built up one step every once in a while and I soon became a huge fan of the entire process.

These are all products that I use daily.


Start off with a nice oil based cleanser, you have to start off your skincare routine removing all of your eye-makeup, foundations, lipsticks etc.  I like to put a dime sizeDSC_0206 amount and rub between my hands to create a nice warm oil to put all over my face.  With my hands I cover my eyes without pressing to add a little kick of oil to release any of the harder to remove items like waterproof mascara and eyeliner.  I slowly massage my eyelashes around my temples and jawline.  In circular motions lightly rub the cleanser all over your face for about a minute.  Add a little water to create a creamy lotion and massage a little more.  Rinse your face with warm water and lightly pat dry.


This is what is called a double cleanse.  I love to use this foamy cleanser.  It comes out almost like shaving cream and remember you donDSC_0208‘t need a lot of it.  Just a tablespoon will give you more than enough bubbles to deeply cleanse off all the rest of your dirt and makeup away.  I massage this on my face and leave it on for a couple of minutes.  All the bubbles disappear and what is left is a silky cleanser.  Rinse this off as well with some warm water.  Let your face air dry.


Use some form of exfoliation.  There are many that you can choose from.  Chemical which include AHA’s and BHA’s are ones that I tend to use. Physical which are the gritty, sugarDSC_0211_1y, more abrasive types that I do not prefer. But what I really love are the peeling gels that roll your dead skin cells away.  This always leave my skin feeling super soft and smooth.  These peels usually stimulate the skin into producing more collagen.  The Peeling gel that I use smells just like grapefruits to me.  I use a small amount and spread it on my entire face, excluding my eyes and in little circles massage my face until tiny white balls appear, it usually takes a couple of minutes.  This, my friends, are your dead skin cells.  Rinse this off with some warm water, making sure all the residue is completely gone. I do this 2 times a week as my skin is on the dry side and it can be quite dehydrating for me.


Tone your skin to its normal PH level.  Some cleansers might be too alkaline or too acidic and I like to find a toner that balances my skin out to its normal level.  The oneDSC_0214_1 I choose is loaded with Galactomyces and niacinamides.  Perfect for my aging skin.  I use this one by putting it in the palm of my hand and just tapping the toner into my skin.  I do this until the liquid disappears.  My skin feels very nice after this, I have no redness or irritations.  Just very clean and toned skin.


Here comes your essence.   These can be somewhat imagesticky on the skin and in time melt right in.  My skin usually feels so moisturized and dewy after this step.  You only need a couple of drops as this liquid is very concentrated.  I pat it into my skin until there is nothing left on my hands.  I usually wait about 20 minutes to let everything really sink in.  The COSRX galactomyces 95 whitening power essence is perfect for brightening and has a wonderful anti-aging ingredient.


This would be your serums,  ampoules. Face serums are lightweight moisturizers that penetrate deeper to deliver active ingredients into your skin. An ampoule is a supercharged liquid with higher concentrations of active ingredients that you’re meant to use for a finite amount of time as a booster or when your skin needs a little added moisture, acne treatment, or wrinkle care. 0nt as well as a whitening agent for age or acne spots, as well as hyper pigmentation which is the battle that I am in at the moment. I like to use these as one has hyaluronic acid which is a very small molecule that can completely absorb into the skin quite easily.  It attracts moisture all the while making your skin feel plump and young.    Too much sun as a kid, I never realized that having such a copper skin tan as a teenager would cause me so much grief in my late 40’s.  That’s where the Vitamin C24 is perfect.  It is loaded with Vitamin C, perfect for brightening.  Sometimes I use 1 or all three.  Depends on how much attention my skin needs at the time


My most favorite step is the face mask.  There are dozens and dozens of face masks.  There are ones that you have in a jar or tube and just apply with your fingers.  Gel masks, serum based masks, clay and oatmeal, shea butter, rice and snail.  Every ingredient is available for every skin ailment.  My favorite is the brightening Vitamin C cotton face masks.  I take them out of the package and unfold it.  Some are harder to get apDSC_0215_1art then others.  There are even different materials that they are made of.  Rice paper, cotton, gel and even seaweed.  I place it on my skin and try to get the eyes and nose and mouth holes even with my face.  No two faces are alike so it won’t be a perfect fit but I do the best that I can.  I wear the mask for sometimes close to an hour.  But usually the mask calls for 10 to 20 minutes.  I sit in the tub, soak and let all those delicious ingredients sink into my prepped skin.  There is usually a bit of serum left in the package that I spread it onto my neck and arms, giving them a little spa treatment as well.  I tend to put a mask on about every 3 days.  Just when my skin needs a little boost.


Eye cream, just whatever favorite you might have.  I use an anti aging one that is very light and gently moisturizes.  This does or should not be irritating on your eye area.  Some peoplimagee just use their moisturizers for the eye area but I find that some of them irritate my eyes.  An eye cream is meant to be a light cream.  I just circle the orbital bone with my finger and gently pat on the area.  I do not rub or pull the skin around the eye at all.  In the end that would just leave more lines and wrinkles.  I want to get rid of those. The one that I use is full of great ingredients like rosehip oil, collagen, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and aloe.  It is very refreshing and my eyes feel very soothed.  When I wake up in the morning I never have dark circles or bags. I’m pretty lucky.


Almost to the end of our 10 step process, I hope I didn’t overwhelm you.  It can be quite cumbersome in the beginning but I find that I love the quiet time that I get to spend pampering myself, every day.  It is not a chore at all.  I enjoy the process very much, I love to try new products and incorporate them in with my routine.  Some are great and that is why they are on list page.  But some I have tried that were a bomb.  I might do that in another post if that interests you at all.  Just leave a comment below if you want to know what didn’t work for me. Here we have a moisturizer and that is what it is exactly.  Its supposed to seal the deal with moisturization. I usually only put a small amount on my fingers and pat that into my high spots.  My skin is usually really healthy at this point so I don’t need much.


Before I go to sleep I love to use a sleeping mask every night.  This one leaves my skin feeling so hydrated, so plumped and well rested.  The base is honey which in itself a fantasticimage hydrating emoliant.  It literally draws moisture to it.  I apply it like a face cream except I put it everywhere, except my eye area.  It dries in about 10 minutes so there is no need to worry about pillow cases getting stained.  It completely seals all your hard work into a nice mask.  When you awake in the morning all you need to do is give it a good rinse with some warm water.  I love the smell of this Mamonde Jasmine and Honey mask.  Its subtle yet completely beautiful.

Good night beauty’s





Skin by nature from New Zealand


I found this product by accident. First getting the mask because I love the scent of coconuts.  That word is like candy to me. The box came with a set of 5 and I quickly ripped it out of the package and planned my long soaking bath.  The others just appeared on the shelf at Marshalls one by one.  So I had time to try and appreciate every product along the way.  I’ll explain each one in detail so perhaps, you can love them as much as I do.


This is infused with Pacific coconut oils, collagen, rosehip oil, hyaluronic acid, argan oil and aloe vera.  Oh girlfriend, this is was like putting a coconut cream pie on my face.  It was absolutely blissful.  The mask came apart quite easily, some masks you have to fight with to get them to come apart into a mask shape.  The package said to place it on your face for 10 minutes but I had it on for a full 30, it was that nice.  There was ample solution left in the bag that I smeared the mask all over my neck and arms, dipping my fingers into the package I patted the remainder of the liquid into my skin.  And my skin felt like heaven, it was so moisturized and plumped.  I smelled like I had just come off the beach in Hawaii.  This mask gets a high five.


Also infused with the same ingredients as the face mask, so I won’t list them all once again, you get the idea.  It is a light, refreshing serum.  The bottle is a pump, one or 2 pumps is all you need.  It completely saturates the skin and sinks right in.  No greasy feeling whatsoever.  This has a light rose scent, not at all coconut like the face mask.  I really liked that this wasn’t at all greasy and I could put it on first thing in the morning under my sunscreen.


This has the same scent as the face serum.  Lightly floral.  This, as well, sank into my eye area quickly and wasn’t at all greasy or oily.  This made a really good base for my eyeshadows and the colors did not budge all day.  Very beautiful and no harsh ingredients, it is, after all, all natural.  It has a firming formulation and claims to improve the appearance of under eye circles. It left my eyes feeling radiant and really quite youthful.


This one is full of Manuka honey, rosehip oil, royal jelly, propolis, and elastin.  And who can’t use some more elastin.  Did you see the words BEE VENOM in the title?  I sure didn’t and when I applied it, I could tell immediately there was something different about this cream.  WOW, it was quite stinging.  I’m not even kidding. This cream is enriched with purified bee venom to improve the appearance and deeply moisturize your skin.  There are some warnings on the bottle.  Not to use if you are allergic to bees.  Its not suitable for sensitive skin as your skin will sting.  This kind of freaked me out as I am allergic to bees, so I had a epipen ready.  Nothing happened and the sting was kind of nice, in a weird way.  I got used to it quickly.  I would highly suggest a patch test before using this first.  I would have done that before I tried but I was so excited to use this that I didn’t read the warnings.  I have used products claiming to have bee venom in them before, but nothing was like this.  There was a definite bee sting involved in this magical cream.  I know because I have been stung by bees and it was kind of the same feeling, except 100 times less the real thing.  I love this cream, it might not be for some but I will continue to use it.  It makes a nice moisturizer because its not greasy at all.  Perfect for the day.


This is infused with coconut oil and collagen enriched, Vitamin A, rosehip oils, hyaluronic acid and argan oil.  I LOVE THIS.  It scent is lightly coconut, it is a thicker cream and used it at night.  This isn’t at all greasy, which is strange because there are alot of different oils in this product.  There are NO parabens, petrochemicals, color additives, glycols etc.  If its a bad thing, its not in here.  It deeply nourished my skin and restored its lost moisture during the day and worked to balance and tone for a rested and radiant complexion.  I used it as a sleeping mask at times and when I awoke my skin was so amazing.  I cannot even explain what it is like to have such moistured skin.  I work outside 5 days a week delivering mail door to door and I get hit with every environmental element.  This is an amazing night cream.  My skin literally felt reborn.

with that all said, I want you to run out and try this line.  If you have tired, dry, aging, grumpy skin.  This will knock it back into shape and bring you back to life


Skin Sequins

Ok. The picture is of me with a gown that is full of sequins.  But it’s no ordinary gown, it’s for my wedding. It’s everything I wanted. Lots of shiny bits, some lace, some frayed material and ultra light. I am, after all going to climb a mountain after the I DO’s. It feels good on my skin, natural.  Not at all sticky or prickly, pokey or stiff. It feels like it was made for me. It almost was. It was the last one in the rack. One of a kind. Perfect fit and color. Not quite silver, not quite gold. I cannot wait to show my grandmother. For now it lays in a white plastic wrap in the far back of my closet. I’m starting to get freaked out. Right now. I think I’m having an anxiety attack, how weird is that. Right as I am writing this, my heart is beating out of my chest. Bride. I will be a bride. Just breathe, everything is going to be just fine. Perfect time for a bath and a mask. We’ll make it a coconut one. And lots of bubbles.


Skin Polishers

There are a vast amount of exfoliators. Some use apricot seeds, sugar or even coffee. I find these ones very abrasive, creating tiny cuts in the epidermis, leaving the skin exposed to bacteria or infection.  . The ones that I prefer are the AHA’s and BHA’s. Since I have sun damaged and dry skin, the glycolic acids easily remove dead skin cells. Leaving my skin feeling ultra smooth without the damage of harsh scraping exfoliators.

Regular exfoliators is necessary every week. Up to 3 times a week, depending on the type of skin you have. I have very Dry skin and I like to use one, perhaps 2 times a week.  More than that and my skin feels too tight. It’s almost like my skin has been scrubbed of all of its natural oils. So take care and try not to over use.


These are some that I use quite regularly.

Starting with the first on the left.

This is my least favourite one. It has an abrasive quality like fine milled sand. The smell is not one of citrus at all. It really doesn’t have a scent at all, which is why I was a little disappointed. I love the smell of oranges and I was expecting that. It works into a creamy lather once mixed with water. If you have oily skin this would be wonderful as it strips your skin pretty well. I found this one a tad drying.

I love this one. It’s my favourite. It has a citrus smell but it’s strange. Like over ripe oranges. After putting about a tablespoon and massaging on your face, gently rub thoroughly, leaving it on for about 10 minutes. I like to leave it on for about 20. It has a slight tingle but does not irritate my face at all. It leaves my skin feeling super bright and feeling so good. Not at all drying.

This one is by Holika Holika. A brand famous in Korea. It has a light grapefruit scent. It does exactly what it says. It peels away dead skin cells. Spread it evenly onto your face and rubbing in circular motions for a few minutes, yiu will notice tiny balls of white coming off into the gel. Don’t be alarmed but this is your dead skin cells. You won’t believe until you try it how much actually with your fingers. This is a fabulous exfoliator. Gentle and really does the job well.

This one has argan, kiwi and jojoba. All natural ingredients from New Zealand. It has a gentle exfoliator with a creamy texture. The scent is very light. It nourishes and buffs away dead skin cells. This is my second favourite. This is perfect when I need a little light extra cleansing. My skin really glows after I use it.

Let me know what your favourite exfoliators are and which ones you don’t like. I’d love to compare notes with you.


Skin Show

All my life I have watched my grandmother smear and slather lotions, serums, oils and even something that they called cold cream.  Her complexion was translucent and exotic to me.  To this day, she is the most beautiful woman alive.  She is 94 today and continues to search for the elixer of youth.  And I would have to say that I follow in her footsteps.  I continue to scour and search the internet, assorted stores and DIY’s just so I can maintain somewhat of a unwrinkled appearance.  So far I have staved off that gremlin, slowly.  But as I near 50, it gets harder and harder.  I am continuously trying new things for my epidermis, skin, shell, whatever you call it.  What I have been really investing time and money these days are of the Korean nature.  I am totally into K Beauty and I would have to say that all of my time and effort has been paying off.  My skin is normally very dehydrated.  I have alot of sun damage due to the fact that I worshiped the sun in my teens.  If it didn’t have the words Baby Oil on the bottle I wasn’t putting it on my skin.  I fried and cooked my bronze freckly body.  The darker I was, the more goddess I thought I would be.  These days, I hide from the sun like some crazed vampire.  Slathering buckets of sunscreen all over my face and body.  So much that when I sweat it goes running into my eyes and stings.  I work outside, I love my job.  But all of the enviromental beasts are as well trying with all of their might to bust open a little wrinkle.  Perhaps close to my eye.  Maybe deepen my smile lines.  I won’t have any of it, I’ll keep on trying out that new SPF, that new protecting mist, anything that will keep me from looking my age.

So now I will take us all on a skin journey.  I’ll try some new things.  Snail mucus, bee venom, mushroom slime, fermented rice.  If it works I’ll let you know.  There will be some bad products I am sure but I am sure I’ll learn alot along the way.

Bring on the slime…